Social Groups

Our neuro-affirming, play-based social groups meet weekly during school terms. In groups of up to 6, we offer opportunities for neurodiverse children to make friends and have fun in an environment that encourages social interaction, builds self-esteem, and celebrates individual strengths. Our sessions typically include:

  • News – an opportunity to talk about our interests and listen to and ask questions of others.
  • Brain break – a fun, physical, interactive game
  • Social learning activity on current topic – e.g. calming strategies, problem-solving, self-awareness.
  • Games/craft – board games, construction activities, physical games, and art-craft activities that encourage social interaction

Our program will benefit children with social learning challenges who have solid language and learning skills.

Classes run for 50 minutes with regular communication with families so they can follow up at home.


Hunt Club Community and Arts Centre,
775 Ballarat Rd, Deer Park

• Boys* 6-9 years old 4.30-5.20 pm

• Girls* 8-12 years old 5.30-6.20 pm

• Boys* 10-13 years old 6.30-7.20 pm

*& gender diverse


Yarraville Community Centre,
59 Francis St, Yarraville

• children 6-9 years old 4.00-4.50 pm