Figure 8 Breathing

We’ve been working learning about our brains so we can better regulate our emotions in Social Learning Groups this term. This week in our online classes (Aaaaah lockdown again… deep breathing required!) we learnt the Figure 8 Breathing Technique.

There is evidence to suggest that deep breathing can reduce: anxiety, depression, anger and stress and more recent studies suggest there is a correlation between deep breathing and improved attention. The way we breathe affects our whole body. When we breathe deeply it sends a message to our brains to calm down and relax.

Learning to take some deep breaths when in a heightened state is hard. We need to practise first when we are calm. This figure 8 deep breathing activity is simple to teach and remember. Children can practise with the visual and then when they are more familiar, trace the figure 8 on their arm, the air or in their minds whenever they need. 

You can download this free Figure 8 Breathing visual on my Teachers pay Teachers site Wobble & Stomp.