Social Learning Groups

Dandelion Kids offer Social Learning Groups for children on the autism spectrum (low support needs) between 6-12 years in Melbourne’s west. Groups of 3-6 meet weekly focussing on developing social skills, relationship building, appropriate play, fostering friendships and reading non verbal social cues. The sessions aim to be interactive and fun utilising a number of methods to achieve the group goals including: discussion, role play, social stories, games, craft. We draw on Michelle Garcia Winner’s Social Thinking® methodology. Social thinking is what we do when we interact with people. Successful social thinkers are able to consider the situation, use prior knowledge and consider thoughts, beliefs, emotions and intentions of others. How we think about people affects how we behave, how others respond to us and our emotions. Our approach is language based and will benefit children with social learning challenges who have solid language and learning skills.

Classes run for 45 minutes with a 5-10 minute re-cap for parents at the end of each session so families can follow up at home.


Springside Community Centre,
22 Becca Way Caroline Springs

• Boys* 6-9 years old 4.30-5.20

• Girls** 8-12 years old 5.30-6.20

• Boys* 10-12 years old 6.30-7.20

*child identifying as a boy **child identifying as a girl