Social Learning Groups

Dandelion Kids offer Social Learning Groups for children on the autism spectrum (low support needs) between 6-12 years in Melbourne’s west. Groups of 3-6 meet weekly focussing on developing social skills, relationship building, appropriate play, fostering friendships and reading non verbal social cues. The sessions aim to be interactive and fun utilising a number of methods to achieve the group goals including: discussion, role play, social stories, games, craft. We primarily use Michelle Garcia Winner’s Social Thinking® vocabulary and methodology. Classes run for 45 minutes with a 5-10 minute re-cap for parents at the end of each session so families can follow up at home.


Springside Community Centre,
22 Becca Way Caroline Springs

• Boys 6-9 years old 4.30-5.25

• Girls 8-12 years old 5.30-6.25

• Boys 10-12 years old 6.30-7.25